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Eating out in York, PA

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Friday, December 14th, 2007
2:38 pm - Captain Bob's Crabs

Captain Bob's Crabs
One East Main Street
Railroad, PA


The hubby wanted crab cakes one night and so we decided to try this place. It was before we knew about Lamottes.

It is out in the middle of nowhere but a cute little place. Very small dining room but a cheerful guy waited on us. The hubby got crab cakes and I got a shrimp platter. I think no matter what you order your meal will take 20 mintues to cook. You also get the choice of a couple sides with your meail.

I ended up with a ton of shrimp. Yummmy Yummy! The crabcakes were good too.

There isnt' really much to say about this place. It is small, well run, and closed in the winter months. It also was doing a busy take out business.

Will have to go back once it reopens!

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2:27 pm - Lamotte's

7 E. Franklin Street
New Freedom, PA 17349

Our new neighbor recommended this place for it's crabcakes. We went and didn't have crab *laff*

Lamotte's is a restaurant and bar located in New Freedom. There is ample parking and the dining area is a good size. When we got there it wasn't busy yet so we got seated instantly and was given rolls.

The menu, which is online, has a good mix of food. We started off with Soup. The hubby got the French Onion soup and I got the Soup of the day which was Ham Barley soup. The hubby almost fell over when the soup came out. He had a HUGE bowl of the french onion soup. Fortunalty mine was a normal size. Both were really really good.

For the main course the hubby ordered Fish and Chips and I got Shakey Jake's Jambalya. The hubby got 3 huge piceces of fish and a good pile of fries. The fish was too big to hold by hand but so flakey it was hard to eat with a fork. He thought it was good though. The jambalya was very good, not to hot. Also came with yummy corn bread.

No room for dessert.

By the time we were leaving the restaurant had filled up nicely and it appeared that the bar was busy too.

We will be going back there at some point! It also looks like their menu might change seasonally. Lots to try!

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2:20 pm - Uncle Nick's Diner

Uncle Nicks Diner
1160 Haines Road
York, PA 17402

We went here for breakfast a few weeks ago. It is located across from a 5 Guys in what looks like used to be an old Denny's.

We were quickly seated by Uncle Nick and a drinks order was quickly taken. The menu has the usual assortment of breakfast foods.

The hubby ordered his usual of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and hashbrowns. I got pancakes.

The food came out very quickly and was hot. My pancakes were good and tasty. The hubby's breakfast was fine except the hashbrowns were a tad bland.

The waitress was really funny too.

The downside was that the music was WAY too loud in there and I really did not want to be hearing Christmas tunes yet.

I would put this as a place we would probably go back to if we are up in the York area at a brekkie time!

Oh yes. The place also does a lot of promotional stuff. FOr instance, I think on the 15th they are doing free food for anyone from 6:30 am til 10 or something like that. I see an ad for them in the Community Flyer during the week.

Might have to go try it for dinner one time just to see how "real" food does there.

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Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
8:45 am - Riptides is Gone!

After being remodeled for ages, I was thrilled to see the For Sale sign outside of Riptides! I have never been so sick in my life as I was after eating there.

So I did a little happy dance. Evil of me I know.

We haven't eaten anywhere new in ages. Need to remedy that....

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
7:27 am - Update on The Valley Tavern

Went back last night for dinner and the waitress remembered us *eek!* Anyway, it looks like they do different dips different weeks. Last night we had a warm black bean dip with multi coloured tortilla chips. I tried to lick the pot clean it was SO good.

Hubby got fish and chips again, I got broasted ribs which were tasty, Ok but not something I would get again. I do have half a rack left for lunch today and a broasted ball *chuckle*

So still lovin this place.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
8:21 pm - The Valley Tavern

The Village Tavern
1 Cherry Street
Seven Valleys, PA 17360


We discovered this place while picking up stone for a friend.

We went there for dinner and pulled into an almost empty parking lot. We were a bit worried. We decided to give it a shot though.

We walked in to find another set of people in there and a very friendly waitress. We order our drinks and look over the menu. Seems a little pricey but what the heck.

I ordered the broasted chicken which is supposed to be the best in the county and the hubby ordered the all you can eat fish and chips. I got, as my two sides, corn fritters and broasted balls. The hubby got a salad. The waitress brought out a substantial sized salad with some funky mixed greens, a couple warm rolls and a plate of crackers and their home made veggie dip, and a little pot of syrup for the corn fritters.

The veggie dip was YUMMMMMMMY! Oh man it was so good. It was a little sweet which was a perfect compliment to the tang of the veggies. I could have eaten TONS!

Then out came the dinner. I had 4 pieces of chicken which were huge, a bowl of about 10 corn fritters and 2 broasted balls which were stuffing balls about 3 1/2 inch diameter sitting in some gravey. They were HUGE. The hubby had 4 pieces of fish and waffle cut fries (chips). Size is not an issue here *laff* The hubby is a Brit and a fish and chip connoisseur. He took a bite and pronounced it as being proper batter. He dug in. My broasted chicken was very hot and very crispy and extremely juicy. Oh man, it was good. The stuffing balls were fabulous and the corn fritters were extremely tasty especially with syrup poured over them. I could not eat all my chicken or my other broasted ball so I have lunch tomorrow. The hubby ate all his fish and while he was partway through his 2nd piece the waitress came over and wanted to know if she could put more fish down for him. The answer was No, I think I will be full.

Very good meal, Very good service! Most likely will be going back.

There is a bar attached to the place that seems to have a lot of activities that goes on. When we left the parking lot was filling up with people going to the bar.


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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
9:12 pm - Emerson's Pub and Casual Eatery

Emerson's Pub
1500 S. George Street
York, PA 17403


We went here in April for a dinner out. We had driven by the place several times and it always looks busy.

We arrived and went to be seated in the dining room, only to find it had been rented out by a big Harley group so we had to go to the bar. Fortunately it was not smokey.

It was Mexican night so we ordered tacos for an appetizer. The hubby ordered the potato crusted cod and I ordered the Tenderloin tips.

The tacos came out quick and were hot and crunchy and tasty.

Our dinners came. My tenderloin tips were tasty. The hubby's cod was not so good. The fish was very wet and did not go down very well.

We passed on dessert.

The wait staff in the bar were very nice, friendly and provided good service.

I thought this place was OK but since the hubby had a not so stellar meal, we probably will not be going back.

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Thursday, April 5th, 2007
7:47 am

I haven't abandoned this *laff* Haven't really been eating out lately.

We did try Isaacs and StevieB's but we were in the midst of or recovering from The Plague so I don't feel I can give a good assessment of those two, other than Isaacs was expensive for what it was and StevieB's was not clean and the pizza was extremely greasy. The Baked Potato pizza was yummy though *laff*

Got a few places we want to try so hopefully we'll get back into going out for dinner soon!

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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
5:50 pm - Appalacian Brewing Company

Appalacian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA


We went here on a whim after going to the PA Auto Show. There were 10% off coupons out for them.

We got there and was seated promptly. The place did fill up about 15 minutes after we got there.

There is a nice beer list. They do seasonal beers and have some that are always on the menu. I started with the Stout which was really good and then I tried the Porter which was also good.

The menu is varied. We started with the Cheese and Ale soup which was very tasty. Then the meal sort of went downhill from there.

We had ordered a crab quesadelia and we asked that no tomatoes be in it. It arrived about 10 minutes later, with tomato. Back it went. It came out about 15 minutes later without the tomato. The hubby ordered bangers and mash. I ordered a burger. My burger was good. Came with fries. The bangers and mash were kind of cold and the bangers tasted HORRIBLE. He nibbled a bit on them and put it aside. Meanwhile, we did not see our waitress for about half an hour as she was running around waiting on other tables. We finally flagged down a different waitress to get our bill. Finally paid our bill and got out of there.

The hubby ended up having stomach cramps and bad..well you don't want to know, for the rest of the day.

I do not think we will be going back here.

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
9:43 am - New Freedom Railroad Cafe

New Freedom Railroad Cafe
117 N. Front Street
New Freedom, PA 17349

Interesting little place but I am not sure we will go back.

It is a small cozy place with a few tables. It appears to be run by two guys, one waiting on tables and one doing the cooking. The menu was small but had some good choices on it.

The hubby ordered the fish and two sides. I got the italian meatloaf with two sides. The food did come out quickly and was hot. We did giggle that the hubby's meal appears to be what we called 'packge meals' The garlic bread looked like what we get from Giant. His was good and hot though. Mine appeared to be homemade. Very tasty meatloaf with a layer of cheese and mashed potato on top and tomato sauce over all that. I got fries and applesauce as my sides. Got a huge pot of apple sauce! We skipped on dessert but on the board there was a cinnamon apple and crescent dessert. It sounded good.

The service was very good, then again we were the only people there for a while. The guy who did the cooking was chatty and the guy doing the serving was nice.

I'm not sure about going back because of the limited menu and there are other places better to go to. We'll see.

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9:41 am - York Dining out Meetup Group


Might be giving this a try. The next meet up is at the Starlite.

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Monday, December 18th, 2006
3:22 pm - South York Diner

South York Diner
2149 S. Queen Street
York, PA 17403


I am not going to spend too much time reviewing this place.


Seated quickly, food came out quickly and it was stone cold!

Will not be going there again!

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3:10 pm - Mignano Brothers

Mignano Brothers
14-16 Main Street
Glen Rock, PA


Mignano Brothers is in the heart of Glen Rock. There is a public parking lot right next to the building which shares with the Glen Rock Library.

This place was FABULOUS! We were seated promptly. The place is non smoking and BYOB. It is also bigger than it appears. Most everyone we saw had brought a bottle of wine. The bottle will be uncorked for you by a person of legal age which means your waitperson may have to go get someone else to do it for them *laff*

We ordered and got out drinks quickly. The menu has a good variety of food. The hubby ordered a stromboli and I decided to have Spaghetti and Meatballs. I usually order spaghetti and meatballs when I go to an Italian place for the first time. It is a good test because if it is lousy then the rest of the stuff probably is too. We also ordered an appatizer of deep fried mushrooms.

My dinner came with a salad and that was brought out to me along with a basket of homemade breads. These were wonderful! There was regular italian bread, garlic bread balls and a pizza type bread. All homemade there and just delish!

The mushrooms arrived and were perfect! Just like what we get in pubs in the UK. No garlic mayo though, just marinara sauce for dipping. The outside was crisp and hot and the inside was like a molton lava mushroom. I was in heaven.

Our dinner came out and the hubby was impressed by the size of his stromboli. He enjoyed it, downside was it was full of tomato which he is not a fan of and the menu did not state it had tomato in it. He was able to pick the majority out while he was slicing. My spaghetti was hot and had 2 huge meatballs. The sauce was very good and not sweet.

There is a wonderful dessert fridge with some great looking desserts but we were too full to try any. By the time we were leaving the place had filled up.

I would recommend this place to everyone. We will be going back there since the food was so good and the service was great.

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
5:01 pm - Infinitos Buffet

Infinitos Buffet
2134 S Queen St
York, PA 17403

A friend was visiting and we decided that we wanted pizza. Since nowhere actually delivers around here we decided to try one of the pizza buffets. Next time we will be trying StevieB's!

The place was easy to get to from our house and it was fairly busy when we got there. We got our plates and started down the line. I don't remember all the types of pizza there was but what I do remember was pepperoni, sausage, chicken bbq, spicy meatball, alfredo, bacon, cherry, apple, chocolate chip. There was also cinnamon rolls, garlic sticks, a pasta bar and a salad bar.

We did eat ourselves silly. The pizza was good, not too tomatoey which made the hubby happy. The cinnamon rolls were really REALLY good. We never got to the salad bar or the pasta bar.

While we were there the place really filled up.

This place is good, and cheap (3.95 for the buffet) and service is what you make of it since you are getting your own food *laff*

Will be going back there but want to try Stevie B's next. Stevie's looks like it has a lot of different type of pizza!

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4:46 pm - Mason Dixon Family Restraunt

Mason Dixon Family Restaurant
549 S Main St
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

No Web Page

We got up Saturday morning to find that I did not hit start on the bread machine so we had to find a place for brekkie. I had noticed this place, next to our doctors, and it seemed always busy, even during the week.

When we got there, a bunch of people were waiting but there was a couple seats available at the bar so we sat there.

They have a typical breakfast menu with some gems thrown on there. The hubby ordered his usual eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns. I ordred a corned beef omlette thinking it was going to be hash in an omlette which is usually yummy. What I got was nothing like I was expecting but oh SO good! The omlette was stuffed full of thinly sliced, non fatty, real corned beef! Oh it was delicious. The potatoes that came with it were very good and even had crunchy bits in them which made it very yummy.

This place was very busy and the food was very good and good portioned. Service was quick and we did not have to wait long for our food.

We will be going back there for brekkie again and might even try it for a dinner meal at some point.

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2:33 pm - The Glen Rock Mill Inn

The Glen Rock Mill Inn
50 Water Street
Glen Rock, PA 17327

http://www.theglenrockmillinn.com/ (seems to have been taken over by someone else but Google has a cachehed version of it)

We went here kind of on a whim. Wanted dinner out but didn't want to drive far. This place is 3 miles from our new house.

The Inn does have rooms and is supposed to be a very romantic place to stay. There also is a bar along with the restaurant.

We get there and it appears noone else is there but we got taken to a room wehre there were other people eating. Plus more people kept coming while we were waiting for our food. We sat next to what is framed like a fireplace but is actually an outcropping of rocks with water trickeling down them. This appears to be natural and that the Inn is built around it.

The menu is not large but has a good range of food. We started off with mozzarella sticks. The hubby ordered the crab cake platter and i ordered the pork tenderloin with a light mushroom and madeira glaze servied with a cranberry apple stuffing and veggie of the day which was broccoli, and garlic mash.

The mozz sticks were hot and crispy and looked like they were hand dipped in batter. The marinara sauce tasted homemade.

We got our meals. The pork was very tender and flavourful and the stuffing was very yummy! I even ate the broccoli. The hubby enjoyed his crab caked becuase they wern't over old bayed but he did feel they lackeda bit of flavour. We both had the mash and it had a faint tast of garlic.

We were too full for dessert.

We had a good time here. The inn is nice looking and the food is tasty and even has a full bar which is nice to know.

We will be going back. Good for a fancier dinner.

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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
2:59 pm - Great American Saloon

Great American Saloon
20 Dairyland Square
Red Lion, PA 17356

No website

We went here this past Friday night around 6:30. The place is located in a strip mall complex off of 74 in Red Lion. The place was very busy when we got there. We were told it would be a 20-25 minute wait for a table so we got a beeper and waited. And waited. And waited. We finally got seated and given menus. Placed a drink order (iced tea for me, peach schnapps and sprite for the hubby) and read through the menu. Lots and lots of choices! We were watching food get delivered around us and the portions were huge!

We placed an order for an appatizer platter which you were able to pick 3 apps. We picked scotch eggs, onion strands and potato skins. For the main meal I ordered the ribs with a side of fries and potato salad. The hubby ordered Monteray Chicken and it came with rice pilaf and a choice of veggie. He chose the broccoli/mushroom mixture. The drinks got delivered and his drink was STROOOONNGGGGG. Oooh boy.

While we waited for the food we looked around at the decor. I'm not too thrilled with it. Low lights, dead animals on the wall.

Our apps arrived and we munched away. The sausage around the scotch eggs had fennel in it so we ended up peeling it off. The onion strands were great and the potato skins were 2 HUGE tater skins. We were also given a loaf a bread with regular butter and honey butter.

After apps, we waited for the main meal. And waited. And waited. Finally the food shows up. HUGE portions. The hubby's chicken was 2 huge pieces with a big pile of rice and a good sized pile of broccoli. I had a huge plate full of ribs that was loaded in sauce, a plate of fries and a bowl of tater salad. The ribs were so juicy and moist the bones just fell off the meat. The potato salad was creamy but almost a little too oniony. The hubby's chicken was moist and tasty and his rice was a bit garlicky and very tasty.

We didn't finish our meals and got doggie bags. We were STUFFED!

I think we will be going back to this place again. We will try to go earlier than 6:30 though in hopes that the wait isn't as long! It was really good!

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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
2:52 pm - Elephant & Castle Pub

Elephant & Castle Pub
Harrisburg Holiday Inn and Conference Center
148 Sheraton Drive
New Cumberland, PA 17020


We saw a sign for this on our way to Harrisburg and decided to try it for lunch on the way back. It is exit 40A off of 83. My hubby is british so he was very interested.

The outside of the pub looks like a pub and when we went in, the bar was built brit style and even had the right kind of taps. We were seated and looked over the menu. It has many British beers which is great and has Brit food too. The menu has a good selection of appatizers but we didn't have any. I ordered the lamb curry and the hubby ordred Steak and Mushroom pie. The food came out quick and hot. My curry was tasty and not burn your tonsils out hot. The hubby realized after a few bites that they had goofed and given him Chicken and Mushroom pie with beef gravey over it. The waitress was really embarassed when he pointed this out to her. He said it was good though.

Overall the place was good. The hubby said he gave it an 8 out of 10. It is not really local but if you are heading that way then it is worth the stop, even if you just stop for beer and appatizer.

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
10:20 am - Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse
110 Mt. Zion Road
York, PA 17402


We went here on Saturday after a long day of yakking. I am fairly sure this place is owned by Willie Nelson. We arrived around 3 pm and the parking lot was full! We went in and was able to be seated right away but the place was fairly full. Our seater asked if we had ever been there before and we said No. She goes on to explain that they make all their own breads and sides and if we wanted a steak we would be escorted to the meat display and we would have to pick out steak that we wanted.

We get seated and our perky waiter arrived with a basket of very warm rolls and went through the whole spiel again and then took our drink orders. yffy got a regular margarita, I got a peach margarita and the hubby got a Killians. I then discovered that the butter with the rolls was cinnamon butter and ooh it was yummy! There was also a bucket of peanuts on the table for us to munch. Our drinks show up and the waiter took our appatizer order. The hubby and I split cheese fries and Yffy got Snake Bites (I think that is what they are called, the menu page on the website is being pissy) which was stuffed halapenos. Something we found odd was that the waiter didn't take our food order until he had brought the appatizers out. I ordered another margarita whose name I can't remember but it had cranberry juice and raspberry booze in it. That was really good!

For dinner I ordered a half rack of ribs and chose beans and mashed taters as my side. The hubby ordered smotherd chicken and got mash and veggies as his sides. Yffy ordered the portabello chicken and had a ceasar salad and fries as a side. The food came out and it was good! They claim their ribs are so tender the meat falls off the bone and they are correct! The ribs were moist and juicy and fabulous. Yffy and the hubby thought their chicken was good too. The mashed taters were hot and fresh and the beans had a kick to them. It all was good!

No room for dessert so we paid and left before we fell asleep in the booth. On the way out (4:30 pm) we noticed there was a lot of people lined up waiting for a table.

I can't believe how busy this place is! It was good, we had perky staff and the service was fine, a little odd, but fine. They have phone ahead seating too which could be helpful.

We will be going back!

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Sunday, July 16th, 2006
6:53 pm - Manchester Cafe - Manchester, PA

Manchester Cafe
(717) 266-3887
4302 N George Street Ext
Manchester, PA 17345

This is not far from my house, so the husband and I go there often.

The interior is very plain with smoking, non-smoking, and counter seats available. It's very much a locals-type place, with friendly waitresses and older folks who are regulars.

The menu has everything from typical breakfast fare, various burgers, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, appetizers, and homecooked dinners. They have a great dessert list that includes fruit pies (seasonal), cheesecakes, regular cakes, and cream pies.

We went there on Saturday night around 7pm and it was not busy at all. While there, we overhead the waitress saying to someone that their busiest time is Sunday morning between 9 and 10am.

We were seated immediately and got our drinks right away. I ordered the clam strips with french fries, which came with my choice of one of the three soups they had available. I've had their cream of crab soup before and it is excellent, but this time I decided to try the beef orzo soup, which was also good. There was just the right balance between orzo, beef, vegetables, and broth.

Husband ordered fried mushrooms as an appetizer to go with his lasagna, which came with salad. The menu said we also got bread, but with the amount of food given, we didn't even notice that we never received it. His salad was a generous size with what appeared to be homemade croutons. The fried mushrooms were superb. I don't even LIKE mushrooms and these were delicious. They were juicy, fresh, and perfectly fried, and the marinara sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

My clam strips were also delicious; perfectly fried and not overcooked. The french fries that come with them are the beer-battered type and one of our favorite things at this restaurant. The portions are always generous and they are always hot and fresh.

The prices are very affordable; our total cost for all of that was about $20 (not including tips). We were both stuffed and very happy. Obviously, we'll be back!

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